Wedding Party Bus

Want something romantic and special for your wedding? Want to enjoy the special moment with your loved ones and friends? Why not consider engaging our wedding party bus or limo services? Bachelor party at the club or pub is just way too common, especially in Singapore with most of the pubs and night clubs providing similar services and ambiance. By booking our wedding party bus, you can party and enjoy the special moments with your loved one, friends and family even on the move. If you have any destination in mind that you would like to go, feel free to let us know and our chauffeurs are more than happy to drive you there anytime.

Wedding Celebration On The Move

Why party at a fix location while you can visit various places that you often dream of going? Let our chauffeurs know the places that you planned to visit during this special day. We are confident that having your wedding celebration on the move can make it more memorable. Travelling to the destination of your choice can be much enjoyable with our karaoke facilities and sound system on our party bus. Let us know your favorite songs or maybe songs that belong to both you, so that you can enjoy it together with your friends and family.

Wedding Celebration At A Location Filled with Sweet Memories

From the day you met your loved one until the day that both you decided to walk hand in hand for the rest of your lives, we are sure that there are many places that are memorable and are filled with sweet memories. The place that he proposed to you, that he kissed you for the first time, where he encouraged you when you felt sad, and many more. Regardless of where they are, all these places are filled with memories that you will never forget. Having your party at all of these locations and share your love stories with your friends and family would make the occasion even much more meaningful.

Have Your Friends & Family Around

Especially in Asia, it is common to hear that a wedding does not revolve around only the 2 person getting married. I am sure some of us agree with this, maybe to a certain extend. Having your friends and family around is always a good idea when it comes to a wedding party. Let them share your joy and witness your happiness. Your parents will be proud of you and feel gratified on this special day. Besides that, it is also a good time for you to show your appreciation to friends and family. At Bus Charter Singapore, we always believe that we are more than just a transportation business. We connect and bring people together especially during the special moments or special days that mean so much to you and your loved ones.

Bring Your Photographer with You

On this special day, with your friends and family sharing your happiness at places that are filled with sweet memories, don’t you think it is worth to be recorded? This is the reason why you need to bring along your professional photographer or videographer with you. Let him record down all these sweet memories are are part of your life’s journey. We are sure that all these recordings and photos will mean a lot to you. Let Bus Charter Singapore be part of your wedding party and help you to create more unforgettable memories.

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