Private Transport from Singapore to Legoland Malaysia

Everyone knows what a Lego is. Almost every kid plays with lego, catered for every age group. But having a chance to have fun in a place filled with lego is like a dream come true for children. Legoland Malaysia is a familiar name to all of us especially when we are separated only by a strait. Located in Johor Bahru, this new destination is suitable for families with young children. Thus, no doubt that this place is usually packed during the school holidays.

Fun at Legoland

There is so much to do in Legoland that one day might just not be enough. There are 7 themed areas of attractions for all ages, such as Imagination, LEGO city, Land of Adventure and many more.  The LEGOLAND Water Park is a must-go to enjoy many exciting activities like ‘Build-A-Raft’ and LEGO Wave Pool.  You can also choose to stay a night at the Legoland Hotel which features themed rooms.  You can buy your tickets online and save. Annual passes are also available.  Most attractions are in the outdoor but there are also indoor activities available to cool off or if you need to shelter from the rain.

Count on Us to Get There, Fuss Free

Legoland is just below an hour’s drive and nearer via the second link from Singapore. Contact us for a convenient and comfortable journey there. Regardless of the number of people in your group, we have the right vehicle for you, ranging from a car, MPV, van, bus or even limousines. Imagine being picked up from the comfort of your home and arriving right at the entrance of Legoland. Forget about taking the public bus, coach or taxi which will mean longer waiting time and inconvenience when traveling with a large group of people.  We understand that it could get challenging when traveling with kids. Be the passenger this time, and enjoy the journey.  Our fleet of vehicles is checked before each trip to ensure a safe journey for you. Just visit us at to place a booking or simply give us a call.

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