Located within the smallest of Singapore’s ethnic quarters, this street acquired its name from the Arab merchants who settled here when they came to trade in the 19th-century. The vibrant colors of Arab Street are striking. It is a maze of shops that sell all manner of Middle Eastern and Islamic wares. Religious items such as prayer mats, holy beads, copies of the Koran, and skull caps jostle for space with excellent basketware, rattan, cane and straw work, leather products, jewelry, precious and semi-precious gems and perfumes. Visitor should be prepared to bargain. The majestic Sultan Mosque looms over this pedestrianized tourist market strip.

Arab Street is most famous for its textile stores. Bales of colorful cotton, chiffon, organza, and silk cloth cram the shopfronts and spill onto the pavement. Batik from Indonesia and Malaysia, handmade or machine-printed with traditional designs, is typically sold in sarong lengths of 6 ft (2 m). Shops also sell readymade batik shorts, shirts, dresses, ties. and table linen. To complement the fabric sellers, specialist shops sell ostrich feathers, dazzling lame in several shades, various types of sparkling sequins, and thread in a profusion of colors. Traditional Malay wedding outfits can also be found in shops on Arab Street.

How to go to Arab Street Singapore

Arab Street Singapore

Nearest MRT: Bugis

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