Originally the Teutonia Club for German expatriates in the early 1900s, the Goodwood Park Hotel was declared enemy property and seized by the government when World War I broke out in 1914. In 1929, the club was converted into a hotel.

Designed by j. BidweII, the architect who also designed its famous rival, Raffles Hotel, Goodwood competed furiously for famous guests — Charlie Chaplin stayed at Raffles while Goodwood boasted the Duke of Windsor as a patron.

When World War II broke out, Goodwood was again seized, this time by the occupying Japanese forces. After the war, it was chosen to be the venue of a court dealing with war crimes.

Today, this landmark, the only colonial hotel apart from Raffles, has returned to its former incarnation. Its elegant corridors are lined with art and antique furniture and in 1989, the Tower Wing of the hotel, distinguished by its gable ends with ornamental plaster work, was selected as a national monument. The hotel has also grown from its original 60 rooms into a 234- room luxury retreat with a fantastic range of restaurants.



How to go to Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore

Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore

Address: 22 Scotts Road

Contact Number: +65 6737 7411

Nearest MRT: Orchard

Bus Number: 54, 105, 124, 132, 143, 167. 171, 190, 518, 700. 111

Website: www.goodwoodparkhotel.com

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For more Information

Phone: +65-96993782

Email: [email protected]

For more Information

Phone: +65-96993782

Email: [email protected]